Care Guide

How to Care for your Compression Socks

To ensure the best possible results and life out of your new compression socks, we recommend following the tips below.

1 - Putting on your new compression socks:
-  Having rubber hand gloves on allows for more ease when putting compression socks on. Rubber gloves also are useful for protecting the material and preventing fingernails or rings getting caught.

⁃ Remove hand and wrist jewellery when putting on your compression socks without gloves.

⁃Be mindful when opening and closing zips and velcro fasteners on shoes when you have your compression socks on.

2 - Washing your compression socks:
⁃  To maintain original elasticity and thus compression, ensure the compression socks are washed and air-dried after every day-to-day use.

⁃  Wash compression socks separately or with garment of the same colour at a temperature of 30-40 degrees Celsius on a gentle wash cycle. Do not wash in hot water.

⁃  For extra protection, place compression socks in linen or mesh laundry bag prior to a machine wash.

⁃  Use a gentle detergent & never use bleach or fabric softeners when washing the compression socks as it will loosen the elasticity of compression socks.

⁃  After wash, do not wring them out as it may damage the integrity of the woven elastic fibres. Instead, gently press water out.

⁃  The compression socks are suitable for tumble-dry or air-dry.

⁃  After long-term use, putting compression socks in dryer will increase the longevity of the elastic fibres by shrinking it back to its original shape.

⁃  The compression socks are NOT suitable for sun-dry, and should NEVER be placed on a heater or radiator.

⁃  Compression socks are to be replaced every 3-6 months depending on the frequency of use. This will ensure proper compression levels are still being provided.